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Ice Blue - Scarifour Rectangular Sports/Dress Watch

Ice Blue - Scarifour Rectangular Sports/Dress Watch

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The Scarifour collection - Proudly named after my childhood home - is designed to sit in the perfect mid point between sporty every-day wearability, and dressy/classic style. It takes the best qualities of a rectangular watch, mixes it with a stunning integrated bracelet, and retains the classic sizing heavily inspired by the greats of the 1970's and 80's. A distinct sizing choice that stands out from the crowd.

Sized at 31mm wide, and with a total case thickness of only 8.3mm, this is not your typical [insert famous integrated sports watch here] rip off. 

Perfectly balanced against a 40mm lug to lug length, the Benjamin James Scarifour collection takes the magic of the rectangular case shape and perfectly utilizes the extra wrist presence that the integrated bracelet design presents. It is purposefully designed on the smaller side to finally offer something different in the market, which will sit as fantastically in a varied collection, as it would as your only watch.

The stunning dial on the Scarifour range, aptly named a 'Heraldry Dial' is made up of many contrasting elements. 

Firstly the dial has a crisp chevron motif applied, with the chevron shape being directly inspired by the Coat of Arms of Cheltenham - my local town growing up. Then the top surface of the dial has been finely horizontally brushed, adding a metallic sheen and pop of colour that interacts with light, as well as matching to the case and bracelet finishing.

The design language of the hour markers is echoed with the hand choice, which also has a fine brushed finish on the top surface with deep polished chamfers on each side to maximise both readability and to tie the design together. The hands also have a finely applied strip of lume down the middle to ensure readability in the dark.

The case, designed from the ground up has been built to maximize comfort and beauty from every angle.  It features crisp lines, deep chamfers and impeccable finishing and attention to detail. Every part of the Scarifour design has been deliberately chosen, and no corners have been cut.

One of the standout features of the Scarifour range is the 8.3mm case thickness, this helps to ensure that the watch sits on the wrist with ease, effortlessly sliding under cuffs and balancing very well with the restrained case size. This case thickness gives the wearer a new experience that is especially hard to find at the price point.

The main parts surfaces of the case are finished with horizontal brushing which helps to balance the dressy appeal with the more sporty elements, and also gives the Scarifour range more unique appeal. This horizontal brushing perfectly flows into the polished chamfers found throughout the case and bracelet, and also matches the finishing found on the dial.

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