About the Founder

Hi! I'm Ben, the founder of Benjamin James. I'm a watch obsessed designer who has spent the last 8 years immersed in this incredible industry. I previously led the watch division of Geckota / WatchGecko as well as conceptualizing and designing the FORZO sub-brand from the ground up. During my career I have designed over 20 watch collections, totaling to over 80 variations. Collaborating with the likes of Le Mans race teams and world champion sportspeople, all in the pursuit of putting amazing watches on the wrists of thousands of enthusiasts just like you and me!

In late 2022 I decided to take the leap to go self employed and have been taking the steps towards realizing my dreams and launching a brand of my own. Today I'm proud to introduce you to Benjamin James, a brand born through my love for classic understated style and obsession with watch proportions.

Our Story

My fascination with watches lies in their exquisite blend of art and functionality. Countless hours spent meticulously refining design details with the aim to craft watches that evoke profound emotional response.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it was inevitable that I would forge my own path, seeking the freedom to create something I love, unbound by constraints, and dedicated to this amazing community.

Our debut release stems from my profound obsession with watch sizing, an aspect that can make or break a timepiece. Merging this obsession with my adoration for the magic of a rectangular watch, we've crafted a timepiece that boasts a slim width paired with balanced lug-to-lug dimensions, striking the perfect balance between subtle classic looks and wrist presence.

This has been a personal journey influenced by my grandfather's love for classic rectangular watches, which instilled a deep love for the shape in me from an early age.

At Benjamin James, our mission is to offer the community a fresh and distinct choice in watch style, one that stands out from the crowd and delivers exceptional value at its price point. Our timepieces are not merely accessories but companions for every occasion, a reflection of years of experience and dedication.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us, as we strive to redefine the boundaries of watch design and foster a genuine connection with watch enthusiasts worldwide. Welcome to Benjamin James, where passion and craftsmanship unite to create extraordinary timepieces for all.

Thank you.
Benjamin J. Adams
Founder Benjamin James Watches